It’s one thing that kids tend to ask when you pull up on your bike “how fast will it go?”  Well the other day I got chance to give it a go and see for myself.  Kawasaki claim a top speed of 130 mph for the Kawasaki ER6n, more than anyone needs in real world riding but it’s nice to know it’s there if you need it.  Indeed I wondered if I’d ever get the opportunity to let it rip but the other day I got my chance.

There had been a crash on the motorway and I had filtered through 8 miles or so of traffic and managed to get to the front of the queue where the old bill had stopped the traffic.  Luckily I was only waiting 10 minutes before the copper opened the road and waved us through.  With nothing in front of me for miles and the cars behind me slowly getting up to motorway speed I decided once I got clear of the fuzz I’d let loose the beast.  Now I’m no road racer or GP star and I’ve been called a “slow but steady rider” or “Tortoise” by other bikers before but I’d loved to have seen the grin on my face when I opened the throttle.

Now I’m not going to completely incriminate myself here so all I will say is Kawasaki were being a little conservative with their performance stats.  With the needle nudging the claimed top speed I bottled out, the wind was yanking my head back like I was being punched in the face but I’m sure the Kwaka had more in it.  There was still another centimetre of play in the throttle so by my reckoning that should be good for another 5-10 mph, if not more?

Now in the interest of keeping my license I will state that this is a completely fabricated story in the interest of light entertainment, officer!  But if anyone is wondering if the Kawasaki ER6 is good for its performance figures then all I will say is it gets my nod.


About DazLoczy

A Biker, Writer and a Musician. Lover of the great outdoors (until it gets too cold and miserable), born traveller (part gypsy somewhere down the line) and far too lazy for my own good. There's never enough time to get things done but always time for a snooze.

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  1. Don says:

    Bet you weren’t getting 60mpg on your speed performance test Daz 🙂
    I got bored on the autobahn a couple of years back. The Tenere had been sitting flat out at 108mph for a couple of hours when I pulled into a service station near Franfurt – got my Swiss Army knife out and cut part of the air inlet trumpet away – a result! the next stage was done at 113mph. 🙂

    • DazLoczy says:

      Ha ha, nah nowhere near it but it was fun doing it until I chickened out as the needle reached a ton thirty. The wind blast at that speed on a naked bike makes me wonder why you’d ever want to go any faster!

  2. Don says:

    I spent years with XJR1300s so i know about windblast! My slightly tuned SP was good for 145mph and it certainly helped me to develop neck muscles 🙂
    That Versys looks smart and performancewise on paper at least she is way beyond my XT660Tenere.

    Good to see you enjoying her – Don

    • DazLoczy says:

      I considered the Versys 650 instead of the ER6n but I prefered the feel of the ER6 so it won out. I like the look of the new Versys 1000 but I’d need to get a lowered seat and suspention because it’s a tall bike – too tall for my short-arse legs.

  3. rosh says:

    you know what that happened to me yesteday and once the motorway opened up i ripped it head down on my 2008 er6n. i got 128mph out of it, hands down a all round lovely bike

  4. Toecutter says:

    My 2014 ER6f has shown 134mph on the speedo but the sat nav said 126 & I’m inclined to believe tha sat nav, I let her build up the speed until I was sure nothing was left, straight motorway in France nice & clear & I held the speed for 10 kilometres. Sitting prone behind the screen & I weigh 12.5 stone.



  5. Nick says:

    I have a 2013 er6n it gets 132 mph if pushed 🙂

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