Kawasaki ER6n Long Term Review

Hi folks it’s been a while. Well I now have a vlog on YouTube where you can keep up-to-date with how the ER6N is doing. www.youtube.com/dazzlerebelrides be sure to subscribe!

In the meantime here’s my longterm review…


Leaking Fork Seals and the 22.5k mile Service

ER6n Leaking Fork SealsThe ER6n is a great little commuter, that much can’t be denied but living with it for nearly 2 and a half years has not been without its frustrating moments. A low-speed spill with less than 100 miles on the clock (my fault I suppose – unscrubbed tyres, slick wet road lined with gravel and oil and an over-eager throttle hand turning right out of a side junction), two rear punctures (I blame Highways Agency for these), stock chain and sprockets wearing out after just 8k miles (even when regularly cleaning and oiling them), rear wheel bearing failure, coolant cap failure and now pitted forks have meant I’ve had to have the fork seals replaced. What is more disheartening is  I’m not yet finished; during the 22.5k service the left side ignition coil was discovered to have degraded so much that it also needs replacing (on order now at approx £85 plus vat & labour). Continue reading

Ultimate Commuter?

My humble Kawasaki ER6n finally has a rival in the form of the Yamaha MT-07, I’ve ridden one and I’m torn to say I’m smitten! Now my trusty ER6 is not giving way to this young upstart any time soon but it really is a viable alternative to consider if you are in the market for a budget commuter that will also put a smile on your face.

I’ve ridden many pretenders to the ER6’s budget throne, the Suzuki SV650 might be a cheap fun track day machine but compared to the ER it’s unrefined, jerky and showing it’s age. It’s stable mate the Gladius is a little plusher but still suffers with a jerky throttle response and patchy torque band meaning in town you’re constantly changing gears between 2nd, 3rd and 4th in town traffic. It’s not bad but falls short of the Kawasaki.

The Honda NC700 ain’t bad, for a commuter it’s probably more practical than the Kawasaki and edges it on fuel economy too but crucially it falls short in the smiles department. It’s not nearly as fun to ride. I’ve not tried the new NC750 yet and by all accounts things have improved a bit but it’s still a focused budget commuter aimed at people who want the practicality of a scooter in a motorcycle. I’ve not had the pleasure of riding any of the new CB500 range yet but I have sat on one and it doesn’t fells as ‘grown up’ as the ER6, which is saying something.

And so to the Yamaha MT07, on first impressions it doesn’t look bad. It may be cheaper than the ER6 but it somehow looks more expensive, better put together and more like it’s bigger brother the MT09. When I sit on it though it makes me smile, not because it feels good but because the suspension feels soft and bouncy. It feels much lighter than the Kawasaki, more like an old 400 and the engine sounds more like a generator than a motorcycle. It makes me feel that I own the right bike with the Kawasaki as there’s no way this little toy bike can get close. And then I take it out on the road… Continue reading